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I Make & Design Unique Cake Stands and also HIRE OUT
 Teasets/CAKE STANDS/Tea pots etc.
I sell ALL associated items to help you
 Make Your Own Professional Cake Stand and FREE Instructions How To Drill Through a Plate to download as a PDF file.
NEW How to Make Candle Cups to download as PDF file.
I also have a Huge collection of Cake Stands, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Tea Sets, Handle Fittings etc. and other associated chinaware Antique/Vintage/Retro Collectables For Sale or Hire
  I am only showing a view examples ~ so contact me if my Buy links don't show what you are looking for OR if you would like to make an offer!

The Cake Stands I make are all made from quality plates to suit your requirements and theme, be it a wedding, gift or tea party. Prices s tart from as little as £12.99 + postage and packing. Each stand is unique and made with quality fittings of your choice.
  Why not take a look at some of my ideas and ask me to make an individual
 Cake Stand to suit your choice and your pocket?
 These are soft plastic, self-adhesive tabs, ideal for flat bottomed plates that will not stand without that annoying wobble due to the screw protruding at the base.
Click on the 'BUY NO MORE WOBBLES'   link ~   

' BUY CAKE STAND HANDLE FITTINGS' To Make Your Own Cake Stand -  gold, silver, bronze, red, baby pink, blossom pink, white, cream, light blue, green, yellow & black in various designs
Custom Colours of Your Choice
Available on Request 
I stock a vast selection of tea sets/plates/saucers/ tea cups/collectables ~ Antique/Vintage/Retro/Contemporary  
  I can also provide a Drilling Service for your own plates at a small cost & Drill Bits
  A fast, Simple, Durable way to find the Centre of a Plate to make your own Cake Stand Only £4.50 each including postage & Instructions
  Prevents drill bit from slipping when drilling central hole
 in cake plate or other china/glass
 £4.50 each including Blu-Tack, full instructions and postage
I also have loads more on offer :- candle cups,  candle cup kits, candle wicks,  Antique/Vintage Déja aimé furniture etc.
 Please Contact me

The CakeHole Does Everything!
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