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I also have a massive stock of plates, tea cups, saucers, side plates, dinner plates etc.
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I can also send you photos & post items
Royal Imperial "Floral' Gilt Edge 20 Pice Tea Set SOLD
Vintage Perfect, Royal Imperial, Finest Bone China, Made in England comprises: 6 trios, milk jug + sugar bowl. Floral Pattern teacups and plates with sage green saucers. Gold solid gilt to handles & bottom rim of teacups. Ebay price from other sellers for one trio is £6.00! I sell on behalf of Cancer Research and I keep my prices low. Such a lovely set! £30.00 collect or plus £8.0 postage to UK . It is not easy to find a complete set in such condition and I will not break this set into trios to sell as one off bits like so many people do. The Gold Wade Teapot is extra £8.00 (sold)as is the Colclough Cake Plate £3.00. Please ask for discounts.
Price: £30.00
Vintage Rorstrand Sweden Massive Tea and Breakfast Set
Rorstrand Sweden ~ Massive Vintage Fine Porcelain 'BREAKFAST/TEA SET' - the tea pot and coffee pot are not of the same make but match beautifully. I have lots more of this set. The Breakfast set comprises: 6 trios (demi tasse teacups) 6 Salad Plates, 6 cereal Bowls, Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug, Cake Plate, dish and another bowl with attached plate, only 5 egg cups. I have added a Seltmann Weiden 1933, Bavaria Coffee Pot and an ARPO, Romania Tea Pot - both fine bone china. These are included in the price but can taken away. I can also make a cake stand to match using some of the remaining large dinner plates etc.I have no wish to send this lot due to the work it involves and the extra cost and the chance of breakage. So I am asking £70 only for this set including both pots. It is worth a lot more but I sell items for Cancer Research. The Cake Stand would be £20.00 extra with the choice of your fittings.
Price: £70.00
Close Up of Rorstrand Pattern
See above for details - I can also make a cake stand t to match £20.00 with choice of your fittings ~ Contact me
Price: £70.00
Vintage Queen Anne "Fernlea" Tea Set ~ Perfect SOLD
Vintage 1950's Perfect Queen Anne "Fernlea" pattern ~ grey ferns with gold gilded edges. Highly sort after! Fine bone china, made in England. Set comprises 6 Trios, Cake Plate, Milk Jug and Open Sugar Bowl + I have added a Teapot which looks great with this set but not Queen Anne. I am selling this as a set with the Teapot but please CONTACT ME if you do not require the teapot. I also have 6 extra tea plates which I can include for a price or sell individually. The price for the tea set + pot is £45.00 + £10.00 postage. I would prefer collect from my Home Charity Emporium in Rayleigh
Price: £45.00
Colclough "BRAGANZA" Complete 23 Pcs Set ~ Perfect
Vintage 1960's Colclough Fine Bone China, made in England Wonderful & Complete Tea Set with the Blue Periwinkle Flower pattern & gold gilded rims. Perfect Set Comprises: 6 Trios, Tea Pot, Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug, Cake Plate & 2 Tier Cake Stand (I can make this into a 3 tier cake stand as I have some extra tea plates at NO EXTRA COST and I can change the fittings to your choice.) The 2 tier cake stand has the original fittings but I can do the same design in 3 tier or you can choose one of my other 3 tier fittings, if you would like me to add a 3rd tier. NOT OFTEN YOU CAN FIND A COMPLETE SET LIKE THIS! I would prefer collect from my Home Charity Emporium in Rayleigh, Essex but will post to UK destinations for an extra £10.00
Price: £60.00
See above for descriptions - the price is for the complete set.
Price: £60.00
Antique/Art Deco Tea Set "Pretty In Pink" + Options of Cake Stands SOLD
Antique/Art Deco Fine Bone China Tea Set comprises 6 trios, milk jug, sugar bowl + cake plate. No makers name but totally stunning and near perfect but slight loss of gilt to be expected due to age. Dusky Pink borders on very fine white porcelain and gilt edging. I have made two cake stands to match and they are not included in the price of the tea set. The tea set is £25..00 + £10.00 p.p. - the matching cake stands are £15.00 each and can probably be included in the postage - please ask. I have a 3 tier stand with pink Calisa round fittings (they can be changed) - the bottom plate is the same as the tea set. I also have a two tier stand using a Victorian top plate with a small teapot (drilled and secured by a screw and topnut - not glued!) The Victorian plate has a bit of loss of pattern of course but it is unique and the little teapot on top has a detachable lid so that you could add a little sprig of flowers or you can secure the lid with a bit of white tack if preferred. I have used a light gold Victorian Fancy fitting but it can be changed. So the price below is just for the Tea Set + Cake Plate - please ask if you would like one or both cake stands.
Price: £25.00
Mitterteich "Forget-Me-Not" Teaset + Cake Stand + Tea Pot SOLD
Vintage 1950's Mitterteich Bavaria, Germany "Forget-Me Not" Tea set comprising 6 bone china trios, Tea Pot, Milk Jug and BHS "Bristol Blue" Sugar Pot which matches nicely and Cake Stand with Metallic Blue Victorian Fancy Fittings (the fittings can be changed to suit your requirements - please ask). The picture shows 3 dinner plates but I am not including these in the price ~ please ask if you are interested. Guide price £2.50 each plus postage. Another perfect Tea Set with blue flowers and grey leaves with silver gilt to the edge of the plates. I am listing the Tea Set and Cake Stand etc. without the dinner plates at £50 + UK postage £10.00 I would prefer pick up from my home Charity Emporium in Rayleigh Essex to avoid any damage but I also wrap well! Discounts will be given for collection within reason.
Price: £50.00
See above for full description and prices - this item is not FREE! SOLD
Price: FREE
Royal Standard "Red Velvet" 40 pcs Tea&CoffeeSetSOLD!
Vintage Tea + Coffee Set (1940 - 1959) comprising 6 Tea Trios, Teapot & Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug + 6 Coffee Trios (demi-tasse) + Coffee Pot. Excellent condition. See the Crazy Prices on other popular selling sites for just part of this set e.g. Ebay. One Teacup missing and has been replaced with slightly larger Colclough similar teacup. Collection from Rayleigh, Essex preferred but will send - postage £10.00 via My Hermes - SORRY SOLD AS SOON AS I POSTED THIS - you need to be fast when I post gorgeous tea sets as they are much cheaper and very good quality!
Price: £50.00
Dark red rose , green leaf and gilt edge - Price for complete set £50.00 + £10.00 postage via My Hermes - Sorry it has been sold immediately - but I have loads more tea sets and will post them on my website when I get time.
Price: £50.00
Bell "Spring Time" 15 Pcs Tea Set SOLD
Vintage Fine Bone China Tea Set by Bell China England ~ Comprises 4 Trios, Cake Plate, sugar bowl & milk jug. So pretty and near perfect - no crazing, hardly any loss of gilt, no chips ~ I love this set! Prefer pick up but will send.
Price: £20.00
Art Deco Standard China Tea Set "Tudor Shape" 15 Pcs SOLD
Art Deco, Fine Bone China No.760470 ~ Gorgeous Condition, Comprises 4 trios, Cake Plate , sugar bowl & milk jug. Vibrant Orange, yellow & brown berry design - no crazing or chips and just a wee bit of loss of gilt but it looks like it has hardly been used. Clarice Cliff look-alike pattern. I could not resist having a cup of tea using one of the cups and the tea tasted so much nicer than in a mug!! I would prefer for this set to be collected but I have included a UK delivery price. I would just hate for this set to get damaged in transit!
Price: £20.00
CLOSE UP OF ABOVE Art Deco "Tudor"
See above for description - sold
Price: £20.00
Wedgwood "Autumn" Vintage Tea Set ~ 24 piece Complete & Perfect!
Vintage (1930's rare) Wedgwood S419 'Autumn' pattern FULL TEA SET ~ PERFECT! This is ONE OF 500 approx. in this gorgeous set. My set is perfect and comprises Tea Pot, 6 trios (cups, saucers, tea plates) 1 cake plate, sugar bowl & sugar bowl. Have a look on Ebay - you will not find a complete set - just perhaps a cup and saucer and very expensive prices. I am selling this as a set as it would be a crime to split such a PERFECT SET. I RAISE FUNDS FOR CANCER RESEARCH - my price is very cheap @ £60 collect or + Postage UK. If you visit my home emporium in Rayeligh, Essex and buy this and other goods, I will reduce the price!
Price: £60.00
See above for full description - full set price is:
Price: £60.00
Royal Stafford Fine Bone China 'Blossom Time' Tea Set
Vintage Perfect Tea Set to match my Dinner Service (see Below or in Buy Crocks & Pots), Comprises Tea Pot, 6Trios, Milk, Sugar - again a BARGAIN PRICE ~ if you would like to buy both sets, I will discount the prices ~ please contact me.. I would prefer a collect price for the Tea Set but if you want me to send it will cost £10.00 extra. Have a look on Ebay and see what they are charging and realise my price is a great bargain for a a perfect set. Price: £80.00
Price: £60.00
Royal Stafford 'Blossom Time' DINNER Service SOLD
Here is the dinner service to match the above Blossom Time Tea Set. See Buy Crocks & Pots. for full description. MASSIVE BARGAIN - COLLECT ONLY ON THIS DINNER SET. Have a look on Ebay and see the silly prices for just 1 plate! This set that I have is perfect and will make a great gift and if nobody buys it, I will use it myself and sell my gorgeous Noritake dinner service and tea set in way of a change!! Contact me - if you would like to buy both the tea set and the dinner service of this beautiful 'Blossom Time' Royal Stafford Set. I DISCOUNT.
Price: £100.00
Vintage Czech Fine Bone China 21 Piece Tea Set ~ Perfect SOLD
Vintage Fine Bone China Czechoslovakia Stamped 21 Piece ~ Perfect Tea Set Comprising: 6 Trios, Sugar Bowl & Milk Jug & Large Cake Plate ~ Purple and Pink Poppy Design.
Price: £35.00
See above for description - This is the price for the entire set ~ I never like to split up sets that are perfect!
Price: £35.00
COLCLOUGH 'Rhapsody in Blue' 18 piece Tea Sea SOLD
Vintage PERFECT Colclough ~ Fine Bone China "Rhapsody in Blue" Tea Set ~ Comprising 6 Trios + Sugar Bowl ~ Far cheaper than Ebay prices for similar and mine have no tarnish and no chips! Now added a sugar bowl which is not shown in photo.
Price: £25.00
Close Up of above this Perfect Set and Pattern ~ See above for details ~ People are asking crazy prices for just one trio + postage on Ebay - My price is for the 18 piece Perfect Set - Sorry I will not break up this set as it deserves to be cherished as an entire SET.
Price: £25.00
Antique/Vintage Silver Plated Heavy Quality Tea Set & Tray SOLD
Antique/Vintage Silver Plated - fine quality and no tarnish Tea Pot, Coffee Pot, Sugar and Milk Jug + tray (the tray does have tarnish but still beautiful and shiny). I bought this at auction and it cost me £80.00 a few years ago for a customer who lived abroad and never collected. This set is still entirely useable and the interiors are clean unlike many other sets you see on offer at far higher prices. I am happy to sell it for £60.00 collect or plus p.p.
Price: £60.00
SOLD but I have another similar - Please ask
Vintage Fine Bone China ~ 6 trios, Cake Plate, Sugar Bowl & Milk Jug + SADLER TEA POT (I also have more Indian Tree items by other makers ~ Please Contact Me.
Price: £40.00
Please see description above for complete set of this PERFECT Crown Trent Tea Set + Sadler Tea pot
Price: £40.00
Summer SALE AT The CakeHole Rayleigh!
Visit my Home 'Emporium' in Rayleigh, Essex or enquire about Tea Sets, Vintage China, Tea Sets, Cake Stands, Cake Stand Fittings! FAR BETTER PRICES THAN A CHARITY SHOP in the High Street! I support Cancer Research from HOME! Items are not FREE - I JUST HAVE TOO MANY TO LIST. Use the CONTACT ME form on this website
Price: FREE
HARVEST/St. Michael (Marks & Sparks)
I have a large set of this highly collectable/serviceable 70/80's pattern and I need it gone from my Home Charity Emporium to make space for some more lovely Vintage China. Please use the Contact Me form to enquire about prices - far too many items to list and I have loads of tea/coffee cups, saucers and side plates, tea pots, sugar bowls, milk jugs, toast wracks etc. etc. This set really stands the test of time and is dishwasher proof for cafés looking for a hint of Retro Quality! The items are not FREE - SO PLEASE ENQUIRE - HAPPY TO POST.
Price: FREE
Harvest St. Michaels CLOSE UP OF PATTERN
See above for information - this set is not FREE - PLEASE USE CONTACT ME FORM ON MY WEBSITE TO ENQUIRE
Price: FREE
Vintage 'Gainsborough' Tea Set ~ Yellow Rose
Perfect Condition ~ Fine Bone China, 6 trios, Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl. 'Gainsborough' D 964 - made in England. I have made a cake stand to match using Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' and middle plate 'Royal Vale'. The Cake Stand is extra £20.00 and not included in the price - See BUY CAKE STANDS. See Below for photo of Cake Stand with this set and close up photo of trio.
Price: £20.00
See Above for description and price for set without cake stand.
Price: FREE
Vintage ROYAL STUART 2 x Trios SOLD
Stunning Dark Green & Burgundy ~ Fine Bone China by Spencer Stevenson, England. Daisy shaped and scalloped edges with gilt. Slight loss of gilt but otherwise in fine condition for age. The price is for the pair.
Price: £20.00
RARE Aynsley 'Alfred Pearce & Co.) Tea Set SOLD
This Antique/Vintage set comprises 6 Perfect Trios, Cake Plate, Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl. Just a tiny bit of gilt missing from the edges of some items ~ but otherwise a GEM! Please read what one China expert had to say about a set similar to this: ' Alfred B Pearce & Co of 39 Ludgate Hill were not china makers but London retailers 1866 to 1940. Did they survive the London Blitz? Doesn't look like it, sadly. To me an interesting collection, with a story to tell. Personally, I like it and think it rocks. Do not under sell its value. Should it be in a museum? In my opinion, there can't be many of these services left around. Certainly, so be sure to look after it.'
Price: £60.00
Gorgeous Antique/Vintage Aynsley - This shows just part of this set.
Price: £60.00
Antique/Vintage Seltmann/Schirnding China Blau Tea Set
Extremely Pretty & Rare Set ~ Bavarian Antique/Vintage Fine Porcelain Tea Set ~ China Blau (blue and white) GREAT CONDITION. 6 TRIOS, TEA POT, COFFEE or HOT WATER POT, LIDDED SUGAR BOWL, MILK JUG AND 6 EGG CUPS. (I think the eggs cups are a new addition and not as old). This set is worth a lot more money than I am asking and it is rare to find such a lovely complete set in such good condition.
Price: £60.00
Here is one of the Tea Cups of Seltmann etc. The price is for the set!
Price: £60.00
Johnson Bros. 'Eternal Beau' ~ Massive Stock SOLD!
Retro Sarina Mascheroni Design 'Eternal Beau' ~ Please ask about any of the following for price - I have so much of this in great condition and at knock down value! e.g. Tea Trolley, Tea Pot, Coffee Pot, Milk Jug, Sugar Bowl, Heat Proof understand for pots, 12 cups, 8 saucers, 18 tea plates, 10 salad plates, 7 dinner plates, 6 demi-tasse cups, 4 demi-tasse saucers, 4 large soup bowls, 1 large Fruit/serving bowl, 1 oblong serving bowl, butter dish, gravy boat, Large meat dish, Lidded tureen, coffee/tea/sugar jars with lids, large flan dish, salt + pepper, cutlery set, 4 cocktail glasses, 2 wine glasses, place mats, Large table cloth! Please use the CONTACT ME FORM to ask for prices and postage on any item - THESE ARE NOT FREE BUT I CANT LIST THE INDIVIDUAL PRICES AS I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! Feel free to make me an offer on anything as I need to clear to make space in my Home Emporium. I NOW HAVE A GREAT DEAL MORE!
Price: FREE
Johnson Bros. 'Eternal Beau' 3 Tier Cake Stand
Retro Sarina Mascheroni Design 'Eternal Beau' ~ I can make a cake stand to match this set. Here is my mock up example using dinner plate, salad plate + tea plate + Green Leaf fitting - I can change the fitting to any of the others I stock in many colours and designs - see Buy Handle Fittings. I can make any design you like - so can add tea cup on top etc. Your wish is my command! All perfectly drilled as I am not a novice. I CAN STILL MAKE SOME OF THESE.
Price: £14.99
Retro J & G Meakin Studio 'Aztec' - Various Items
60/70's Retro Ironstone, Rare VG Condition Tea Pot (sold) Coffee Pot, 6 coffee Cups & Saucers, 1 large Sugar Bowl, 1 Small Sugar Bowl, 1 large Milk Jug, 1 small milk jug, 2 Dinner Plates, 4 Tea Cups & Saucers, 2 small soup bowls. This set has the light blue cups and 'Aztec' design. I am prepared to sell single items from this - again please ask - Use the Contact Me. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT FREE AND I HAVE ADDED MORE ITEMS SINCE THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN - Please note that the Tea Pot has been sold!!!
Price: FREE
Retro Paliissy 'Casual Ware' Tea Set ~ PERFECT SOLD
Royal Worcester ~ Retro Set comprising 6 trios & Sugar Bowl & Milk Jug - Perfect Condition I now have more of this set including the coffee pot - Please ask
Price: £12.99
S & N L Victorian~Edwardian Fine Bone China Tea Set SOLD
Perfect 'Athens' England ~ 10 Trios, Cake Plate, Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug ~ No loss of pattern
Price: £80.00
S & N L Victorian~Edwardian Fine Bone China Tea Set
Photo shows close up of the above Perfect 'Athens' England ~ 10 Trios, Cake Plate, Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug ~ No loss of pattern
Price: £80.00
Duchess 18 piece Tea Set
Vintage Fine Bone China, Made in England. Set comprises 6 cups, 6 saucers and six tea plates. Two of the saucers are missing and have replaced with plain white saucers. Pretty yellow, pink & mauve rose pattern. Reduced price due to missing saucers.
Price: £12.00
See above Duchess tea set for full description
Price: £12.00
Johnson Bros. "Eton" by Mary Quant Tea Set SOLD
Vintage Ironstone (F2) four trios
Price: £10.00
Queen Anne Louise
Queen Anne Louise

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