'NO FUSS' Central Point Template
Laminated, durable template to find centre of a plate in order to make your perfect cake stand. No more off centre holes! Full Instructions included.
£4.50 inc. p & p
I have seen instructions on other guides/webs  about finding the centre of a plate - telling you to use a ruler - lol!  You can of course sort of guess that way both vertical and horizontal but it involves a very accurate eye and a load of messing around - who ever suggested that obviously did not have to drill more than one plate!

My option takes about 30 seconds at max - when you buy my fittings or drill bits I include a Free Paper Copy of my laminated 'No Fuss' Template.  I designed this for my own use as I drill hundreds of plates and I don't want to spend ages messing around and getting off centre holes.  I have been using my laminated Template for over ten years and it is a godsend and lasts for ever!

NO FUSS Central Point Template
Laminated template including full instruction sheet
Price: £4.50
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