Make Your Own Candle Cups!

Kit includes:- 1 Kilo of Scented Wax (2 x  500 g bags of 2 pretty colours)
Sufficient to make 5-6 candle cups
6 Prewaxed Wicks with Sustainers (metal tabs)
6 Double Wooden Holding Pins
Sticky tack to hold Sustainers to bottom of cup
£12.99  Including Postage

I have many colours e.g. pink, light blue, red, black, lilac, peach, chocolate, white, green, red etc. - if your require  2 specific colours - please contact me before placing order or I will send you 2 nice colours that I have on offer!

I also sell the pre-scented wax per kilo @ £4.00 + postage
Please ask via contact meor my email Theresa.egan@btinternet.com

Candle Cup Making Kit to make 5-6 Cups
Includes 2 x 500g bags of 2 pretty colours + 6 Pre-waxed Sustainers with Tabs + 6 Wooden double holding pins + Sticky Tack + Full Instructions
Price: £12.99
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